December 12, 2015


How many times have you wished for an easier way to migrate from that old program to the latest offering?  Maybe you just wish you knew the software you use on a day-to-day basis a little better?  We offer services to help upgrade software, train you on how to use it, and even do research for you to find the exact way to get from beginning to end in as few steps as possible!

Maybe it’s a virus that’s infected your computer, or pop-ups that drive you crazy – we can help with that!  Malware can’t hide from us!  Within a few minutes, we can diagnose and discover the best way to get your computer from “slow as molasses” to as “fast as the day you bought it”!  Most repairs and remediation can even be done remotely, so there’s no need to wait for a technician to show up!  All you have to do is call us up, let us do a quick check-up, and we can get to work right away!

Or maybe you’re just worried about your backups?  Not sure if you’re backing up the right stuff?  Too nervous to attempt a full “bare metal” recovery in case of a total disaster?  Dreading the day someone says “I can’t get to my files!” and you find out your backups haven’t worked since 2013?  You’re not alone!  While most backups are “set it and forget it”, even the best programs can start to have errors creep into them.  We can not only do full system checkups, and backup diagnostics, but we can create an entirely new atmosphere for your data!  Go from hoping nothing goes wrong to knowing that everything is safe, secure, and accessible today by giving us a call and asking us for a free consultation!  Backups are serious business, and getting a free second opinion is always a good idea!